My name is Ray. To those who are just wondering what is going to be appearing here. In the coming weeks, this will be the home of a mini-podcast network.

There are 3 podcasts I host or co-host that can be found here.

On Wednesday’s there is the Entertainment Podcast: Warlock Wednesday’s
On this one you will hear about comic book releases, new movie releases in both North America and Ireland, Box Office Results from both North America and Ireland, entertainment news and headlines from the week and even a focus on all things super hero related in entertainment.

During the NFL season you will find the NFL Pick ‘Em show on Thursday’s. This is where me and a few others discuss the weekly games and make picks and compete for fun against each other.

The other show is called the NFL Talk Plus show where Keith and I discuss all things NFL. This show will continue through the off season as we do talk free agency, the draft and so much more. This show will usually be put up on Friday’s or Saturday’s… depending on when we get to record.

I hope you will subscribe and follow this page as I prepare to break out on my own.

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