NFL Talk Plus Episode 97 – Rams Trade Frenzy!

Keith and I kick this show off in a different way. The Los Angeles Rams must have thought it was already the trade deadline. They pulled off three quick trades on Tuesday this week, two weeks before the ACTUAL trade deadline. Listen to all the details on this weeks show. PLUS: News from the week and of course our thoughts on the games from Week 6. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoyed the show.

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NFL Pick ‘Em Season 6 Week 7 – Hotel Recordings!

Another week with just Adam and myself, but we cover all the picks for Week 7. Before we delve into Week 7 though, we put a bow tie on Week 6. Talking about the Patriots narrow escape against the Chiefs, and yet another victory for the Steelers vs the Bengals. Keith and I are currently still tied in the overall standings thanks to all of us (except OJ) having an identical 9 – 6 record from last week (OJ was 6 – 9). See what we think about the Week 7 match ups this week.
Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoyed it.

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